Weed is legal: This is how you grow marijuana at home

Marijuana. Weed. Pot. Cannabis. Whatever you call it, it’s recreational use is now legal in Canada, and that means some provinces will allow for home grows.


  1. The best is outside naturally from the sunlight and rain, none of this hydroponic crap which has chemicals , a lot of people have problems with the hydroponic dope including schizophrenic episodes.

  2. I ordered twice from kush_fisher2020 on snap and it went through via FedEx and wasn’t caught was damn shocked when it was delivered to me and when I took a look damn the packaging was 💯 even the dogs couldn’t have perceived it😂 when I had it planted damn top tasty buds no need for learning lmao

  3. there are so many steps and things to look out for your not covering here at all. When a problem is introduced into the equation its always good to have some possible solutions on how to deal with it. Like addressing the question of over watering. How much water to feed? When to feed? What kind of nutrients it needs? Growing this can be done in so many different ways it can make anyone overwhelmed. Still a cool video and helpful. Ill just say first time growers make sure you look under the leaves for the nastiest little white bugs that can devour the entire plant so fast it will trip you out if you find your plants arent looking so great, spots on leaves, curling, burned tips, burned leaf edges, get some neem oil or if you can't get that pick up a bottle of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide from The Dollar Tree and spray your leaves with 3 teaspoons of HP to 1 liter of H20. That should help with aphids and other bugs. also a natural repellant are the leaves of tomato plants soaked in water overnight the drained and spray bottled. Hydrogen Peroxide will also help with root rot because it has that extra element of oxygen so its like h20 on steroids and helps re-oxiginate the plants roots.

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