WEEDIQUETTE – Stoned Kids: Beginner's Dose (Exclusive Preview)

WEEDIQUETTE host Krishna Andavolu shows us what it’s like to be on one-tenth of a dose of very potent THC oil, used by some to treat their children with …


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  2. My father buys empty gelatin capsules and fills them then uses them rectally. He doesn't get high at all, except for when he spills some when he's filling his capsules and wipes it off the table with his finger. Then he shows up where I work really hungry and stoned. Lol

  3. Does it make you nauseated? Like i have complex ptsd and i have 100s of anxiety/panic attacks a day. I also have asthma and i smoke flower. But smoking makes me have bad anxiety and triggers my asthma. I dont take pills for treatment. But im tired of not being able to breathe. Anyone got any tips on what kind of methods to use marijuana that would help prevent anxiety/panic attacks and not trigger my asthma?

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