Week 8: How To Check Trichomes

This video is meant for ages 21+. Beginner BUDZ does not condone any illegal activities. Our channel is merely meant for educational and documentary …


  1. ….why name a video one thing and the longer I watch the further u get away from it. This is about trichomes isn't it, and analyzing for harvest

    Not your grow nutrients. Wanna talk about your lights next? Your camera? Hey how about crediting your writers and telling us which flavor of pop tarts is your favorite lol

    The lady sounds like ellen!!

  2. 30 and up amber heads is my personal choice…50 sounds awesome..but dispensaries dont grow passed white and cloudy much so i learned from old friend how to grow 30 years ago and never looked back…

  3. You seem to know the general script (obviously from a lot of internet reading) but your yields are poor. Those plants had weeks left even if you use the excuse of wanting an energetic high they are still not ready. Thanks for the video 👍

  4. Awesome content! I got a clip on Microscope x60 for a cellphone/iPad. Just need to zoom in on the phone a little to get the sweet spot. I did x4 zoom with phone, with the Microscope and it shows good shots

  5. These are some of the biggest noobs i've ever witnessed. They're buds were tiny, underlit and underfed. And there cookie strain is not cookies lol. Anyways crazy this is one of the first video that pops up. And they're using general hydroponics, smh ….

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