What Causes Runner's High?

After a good distance of running, you might have felt a sensation of happiness. That is the runner’s high and some chemicals in your body cause it. Hosted by: …


  1. Running is my hobby for six years or more and i can definitely say when i was on a bad mood i just run 10 to 15 kilometers and when i came back home i was kind of relaxed and when i discovered this scientific fact i was simple blown away , i even didnt know about it , it was simple my brain demanding running when i was stressed

  2. Hello! Very nice video explaining this๐Ÿ™Œ. Uhh im just a student right now, inspired by running. The general feel and calm that come with it. Im trying to write for a video essay that uses running to relate to things in life. The up and downs, the lows the highs. Just wanted anybody here that reads this comment to explain the runners high, very adjectively. Like explain everything you feel and experience while on a self producing drug, thatll help me formulate my idea.
    Thanks! and Godspeed:)

  3. It's possible that some people's endocannabinoid production systems have been damaged through poor lifestyle habits and substance abuse but damage could occur through illness as well. The ability to experience euphoria from running is a sign of good health and truly is a blessing.

    Studies on whether the system can be repaired through changes in lifestyle would shine more light on the topic.

  4. Screw running! I just spent 40 minutes blasting African music and dancing like CRAZY in my momโ€™s bathroom! now Iโ€™m dripping with sweat and so happy I feel FREAKING DRUNK! ๐Ÿคช AAAAAHHAAAAAHHHAAAAAAA help pls

  5. runners high happened to me 2-3 times …you feel like you can run for ever…and your body doesnt feel pain or need a stop for more oxygen…(notice :usually happens to beginners)

  6. I went for a 5.76 non-stop mile run today four hours ago. Took me 82 minutes to complete. After I came home and showered I got runners high. I felt my nervous system in my entire body all tingly, felt my muscles super relaxed, and my brain super happy with my mood. It just wore off. But this video is true.

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