What Happens if you Smoke Marijuana Before The Gym

A Science-Based review on the effects of working out while high. Discover if Marijuana is good or bad for exercise performance, fat loss, and muscle growth.


  1. 1. Marijuana is commonly used to treat cancer patients to help them relieve nausea, pain, and to counteract a lack of appetite:


    2. Marijuana may slow the growth of tumors like pancreatic cancer cells for example:

    3. Marijuana may increase lung capacity – Direct quote:
    "However, more recent, larger studies have found that chronic cannabis users have an increased FVC alone, or in conjunction with an increased FEV1."


    4. 17.8 percent of the female athletes and almost 40 percent of the male athletes used cannabis more than 10 times over the course of 30 days
    (see table 2)

    5. Marijuana can distort perception, coordination, and cognition, which not only impairs performance but may also increase the risk of injuries when using heavy weights

    6. Having a really high tolerance, or smoking only a small amount of marijuana may not be as detrimental to your coordination, cognition, and performance

    7. THC can significantly reduce many performance measures like balance, reaction speed, and psychomotor performance – Direct quote:
    “significant decrements on all the performance measures (general performance, standing steadiness, reaction speed and psychomotor performance)”


    8. Some studies show that the THC from marijuana can impair testosterone production


    9. Testosterone levels were 56 percent lower among men who used marijuana at least four days a week for at least six months compared to those who had never used it at all –
    Direct quote: “plasma testosterone — 416 ± 34 ng per 100 ml — was significantly lower in this group than that in the control-group mean — 742 ± 29 ng per 100 ml — for age-matched men who had never used marihuana.”


    10. Some studies suggest the effect on testosterone isn’t all that significant. – Direct quote:
    “No statistically significant changes in plasma testosterone levels were observed during and after the smoking period as compared with the pre-smoking base-line levels.”


    11. Testosterone levels tend to return to normal after around just 24 hours of not smoking marijuana:

    12. Smoking about two average-sized joints for 14 days lead to 3 times less human growth hormone production:

    13. Some studies suggest that the effects of growth hormone on muscle growth are overexaggerated:

    14. The testosterone-suppressing effects become less significant as you develop more of a tolerance through (heavy use):

    15. Marijuana can help increase appetite:

    16. “Smoked active marijuana significantly increased total daily caloric intake by 40%.”


    17. There is a negative correlation between body weight and the amount of marijuana someone smokes (meaning heavy smokers are not more likely to be overweight):

    18. A survey with 50,000 people showed that people that used marijuana at least three times per week were 40 percent less likely to be obese – Direct quote:
    “The adjusted prevalences of obesity in the NESARC and the NCS-R were 22.0% and 25.3%, respectively, among participants reporting no use of cannabis in the past 12 months and 14.3% and 17.2%, respectively, among participants reporting the use of cannabis at least 3 days per week.”


    19. Chronic marijuana use could lead to a higher degree of tolerance to the THC, which reduces the effect on appetite:

    20. Additional Research:







  2. First off I wanna say, wow. Just wow. I came looking for some info on smoking before working out and just got my mind BLOWN. The professionalism and presentation. I can tell yall did alot of research. Like as a stoner I am just like how do they know all this? And its just awesome. Bravo

  3. Best opinion, if you’re going to bodybuild and smoke, smoke Reggie the weaker weed, dro gets you too high to a point of excessive snacking, where as reggie is a minor high, you dont get the munchies as much.

  4. so yeah, not always but at least 3 days a week, i roll a "cigarrete MJ" and smoke the half of it before my session and the other half i smoke it post workout. got it? pre workout and post workout.

    that muscle connection gets really deep tho.

  5. I smoke and kinda been smoking before the gym for 2 years now and I notice that I loose my breathe a lot during training intense sometimes u fell a slight strain in the middle of my chest idk if it’s because of smoking I hardly do cardio vascular training tho any tips ?

  6. I had alot of respect for you before this video. Hemp and marijuana are not the same thing. Hemp is a cousin plant that is used to produce industrial and various other products. Hemp does not even have enough THC to get you high. "Studies show", "studies suggest" all sound very wishy-washy. I weighed 247 lbs. 6 months ago, today I weighed in at 180.5 lbs. I have smoked marijuana every single day of those 6 months, most of which I was adhering to the 16/8 IF plan. I say most because I didn't start IF right away. Furthermore I have smoked marijuana before every run that's 4-10 miles, at minimum 6 days a week. I have also smoke marijuana before every weight training session, also 6 days a week, which lasts anywhere from 45-90 minutes in length. If there is any hindrance in performance or results I wouldn't look this good. Also the fact that professional athletes have habitually used it, and still performed at the highest caliber is proof enough on it's own that it doesn't affect performance negatively. If you are a veteran smoker it will not hinder your daily lifestyle, even if that means making humongous sacrifices for health and weight loss goals.

  7. I came to not watch the video and comment when I go to the gym high I get one hell of a workout in where I stop counting reps and just go until I’m tired ahaha I get some of the best workouts when I’m high. It honestly helps me clear away distractions and focus on the one hand at task. Now everyone may vary depending on tolerance levels THC levels etc etc. Find what makes you happy and DO IT 😁stay blessed yall

  8. 4 joints = 20 cigs? 🤣🤣🤣 unreal resign= toxin is actually a healthy toxin to us and heals the lungs. Increases lung capacity and tells the body what to do/heal using our synaptic gaps

  9. My problem if i rolled a joint and smoked it i get paranoid like my heart work faster like am near to die when i get sober my anxiety become so high and i promised my self to never smoke again

  10. I am a heavy marijuana smoker currently on my weight loss journey I started at 354 lb I am now down to 280 lb while on my diet I am still using marijuana daily it actually helps me suppress my appetite example for lunch I used to have a fast food meal now I roll myself a fat joint or blunt and that is my lunch then I wait until dinner one meal a day diet works wonders and sheds pounds off like magic please follow my YouTube channel for more great tips and content thank you guys stay high all day 4:20

  11. Its a performance enhancing drug for me for sure. Helps mitigate pain from chronic injury. I can run 5/6 miles without and easily I can run 10+ miles without even breaking a sweat after a few bong rips. And thats road and trail running.

  12. As much as I agree with this about the munchies it can make it harder to eat less but at the same time in my opinion your not only working out your muscles your working out your brain too I feel like it's a good way to work on yourself and your self control I think if ppl keep that in mind it's helpful

  13. I never worked out on my life and havnt smoked in 5 years I started back up 3 years ago first thing I noticed I started slowing down smoking cigs nxt thing you know I quit once I quit I had the urge to work out and eat healthy now I can't stop working out and weed helps my calorie count I smoke get the munchies and eat my way to 2,550 calories Ive lost so much weight and I smoke before and after a work out

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