What is the CBD/THC Entourage Effect?

Joanna Zeiger, MS PhD, the Founder & CEO of Canna Research Group, provides an explanation of the CBD/THC entourage effect and how it relates to people …


  1. I am 65, and I suffer from the Late Effects of Polio. My nights are the worst. THC seem to work best for my muscular spasticity and I sleep like a human should. My dosage is 2 cap-fulls once a week.

  2. As someone that's been smoking it since16 and its been over 22 years now and still do. CBD helps you feel the effects of THC. I smoked weed with high thc for years and got to the point where i became numb to THC. Couldn't feel it no matter how much i smoked.20% range for thc to.Than i started learning about and using CBD and it's made a massive difference in my use. I smoke 8 %THC 8%CBD now and now i get stoned extremely easy and smoke much less because i got the comfort sooner.

  3. The entourage effect is a place we all seek but few find it is canabis bliss beyond explanation
    So find the entourage effect for yourself and then teach others few have found or understand the actions taking place seeking the entourage effect

  4. It’s a experience we all seek but few find
    When found you never forget the experience
    Why it is pure good health positive outlook
    All night sex between man and women
    Awesome sex
    Now learn how and you will join the enlightened followers of canabis
    Why total pleasure health from the entourage effect
    Once found you will try to recreated the effect every day and enjoy great sex and peace

  5. Thanks for this information. Was using CBD bud for a while but adding a little THC seems to have given me the best experience and relief. I’m exploring the ratio and it’s a good scientific and personal experiment, that we can all do. Such value to everyone. 👍🏼

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