What Medical Conditions Benefit from Medical Marijuana?

An Information Session with Dr. Sue Sisley, Nationally Recognized Expert, recorded at MOILIILI COMMUNITY CENTER in Honolulu, Hawaii on SATURDAY, …


    The govt suppresses this and all other healing research because the "elected officials" are owned by Big Pharma who pay them for their votes via "lobbiest" telling the "officials" how to vote. There is a "revolving door" between the FDA and "elected officials" et al. THE GAME IS RIGGED, Dr Sue, against you, me and especially the Vets (aka "lab rats"). Only in 1982 PTSD was recognized by the "medical" establishment. Only in 2016 was AGENT ORANGE recognized as the cause of birth defects of children in Asia and Vets who served there. The GOVERNMENT a corporation owned by the Rothschild's et al. The Government
    is NOT of the people, nor is it by the people, and it is NOT to help you or protect you or me.

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