What to do with Male Cannabis Plants

There’s many options when it comes to your male plants here’s some of the uses! Whatcha think? NEW MERCH …


  1. I’m very grateful for your video . There’s not many videos explaining the benefits of keeping male plants . I’m always trying to learn more about this wonderful plant and it was very helpful to find your video . 😊

  2. So females make buds without seeds if not mated with the males and if females mate with males there wont be buds but seeds and males dont rlly help wit anything like seeds and stuff?

  3. You can make edibles with the leaves from a male plant. I just made a batch of brownies from mine and can attest that it works. A nice mellow high with an average sized brownie. Don't through them away. and don't forget to make edibles from the leave trimmings of your female plants too. I've been doing it for over 40 years and know what I'm talking about. Thank you !

  4. If you have one, would you follow the same exact feeding schedule with a male or do they follow a different one / need specific nutrients that are different from a female's feeding schedule?

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  6. so i'm 4 mos. into an outside grow, i started with 9 plants but the local ground hog wiped out 4, so down to 5. i figured i had a 50/50 chance to have girls, well now 2 are obviously boys and i'm ready to go herbicide on these 6' studs but having second thoughts after watching your video and may have to act soon. do you think if i let them go will it hurt the girls other than the amount of seeds? i not sure about trying to start my own strain, also the weed we got back in the 60's and 70's we were always sifting seeds out of it before it seemed to get more scientific.what should i do????

  7. Thankyou! I have a 4ft male growing right up beside my 5ft female. I panicked, thinking it was more serious than it is, because my bro told me that if I see a male, I should dispose of it immediately because it would turn my female, male? I never heard of that in plants really…so I just left him.
    Thank you for this video, he is a beauty, I really didn't want to rip him out.
    Much Love

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