What's in cannabis-derived medicines? – BBC News

UK doctors will be able to legally prescribe medicinal cannabis to patients from the autumn. What’s in these medicines? And what difference will the change in …


  1. Sorry, no one has any right regulating what another adult can or can’t consume, let alone making a bloody plant illegal, the drug war has failed us, causing more suffering than any drug, except maybe alcohol and tobacco combined

  2. Which is a very good news for people with back injuries to the spine, will be very helpful to people insha'Allah,it's a natural medicine from Allah SWT,, with no side affects,, been on earth 4 the last six thousand years,, for the human beings,, so take advantage guys,,and be great full to Allah SWT,,, Allah Hafiz ❤️🤲✌️🇵🇰🇬🇧

  3. Still not giving it too dying people without a battle so were is it going UK the biggest exporters of cannabis oil and who benefits from that, Teresa may!! We certainly don't

  4. The amount of Revenue that will come from this is staggering-They should just legalise it…And let all these people out of jail who have been made to feel like criminals-Not everyone wants to Drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. ..They love to Tax the Shit outta them.
    So Cannabis is here and it's all over the world!
    So let the Good honest Hard working tokers just live there happy high lives and then deal with the Real Problems facing Britain right now-Where do we start-Immigration Laws

  5. I get it now the government was just waiting until GW Pharma had their epilepsy product ready before allowing medical cannabis for this ailment how convenient! It is time we were all allowed to grow this plant for our own well being. GW's other product sativex is over £120, I have heard than an equivalent or better product could be made by private expert growers for less than £10, that is over 1000% profit margin made possible only by our current, stupid laws.

  6. Its a plant used for millennia with medicinal benefits written in ancient Chinese texts from 4000BC…. but the media keeps telling us its bad in the papers and on the TV. It seems the only place where we can get factual information now is on the internet with peer-to-peer networking. Drug prohibition needs to end. A huge mistake was made. Then another massive injustice in the 60's when all the psychedelics were outlawed. psychedelics are nothing but medicinal. Drug prohibition creates the violence, suffering, trauma & death. our current system has been forced to calcify around this cancer of political bollocks and now all the wrong people are making a ton of money from it.

    I want to live in a world where i can buy whatever drug I want legally, know exactly what it is, know exactly the responsible dose i want to take and to live a peaceful life.

    Drugs are a healthcare issue. NOT a police issue.

  7. This guy looks like Bill Nye the science guy compared to the large grow companies in Canada.. Look at Aphria or Aurora cannabis. Not to mention Canopy growth. They are all growing a million sq ft of greenhouse or better..

  8. UK gubberment 'Cannabis is bad yo. It has no medicinal use yo'. Then goes on to sell it for medical use all over the world for huge profit through companies the politicians have stakes in. I wonder why they won't make it legal to grow, sell and use in the UK? Hmmm…

  9. Look on home Office webpage and look up medical cannabis it’s being legalised for medical use right now they’re working it all out they have evidence of medical properties

  10. the uk government are going to fuck this up by selling out to the Canadian or American markets. this should be produced in house by the people that have wanted this for decades, not some moneygrubber. iv not problem at all with Americans or Canadians but the uk needs to keep its industry's in the uk and not send it abroad for once.

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