What's next after Virginia lawmakers vote to legalize marijuana?

Here’s the timeline of how marijuana will become leagal.


  1. I don't agree anymore with getting high. But you can't positively influence anyone by throwing them in jail, getting them fired or otherwise ruining their life in some way. Relax the law and show people civility. It's been done before, in the mid 1970s and 1980s. But Big Politics and Big Police weren't getting a cut so we got the "drug war". What this should really be about is an admission of failed "drug war" policy and rolling it back. Drug addiction shouldn't be punished like armed robbery, murder or rape.

  2. Gateway Drug my Ass, Weed is NOT a DRUG it is a PLANT in Nature and has been for 1000s of years. If the Good Lord lets me live til Spring of 2021, Mary Jane and I are having a 49-year relationship. Man, the crap you have to go through for something is crazy.

  3. This is a farce, 3 years to accomplish this, are you kidding me? Not even the government could be that incompetent. The House and Senate are going back and forth on what they want with the Senate proposal being the most restrictive. So, what they are doing is going back and forth and picking the most restrictive proposals from both chambers. The Senate wants it to remain illegal until Jan 1, 2024. What possible sense is there in planning to make something legal 3 years later? Between now and then it is more than likely the Republicans will increase their control over Virginia's government and kill the whole thing. Law enforcement will continue to scream to high heaven about it as they love to keep anything and everything as illegal as possible to make money and destroy peoples lives.

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