WHEN To Harvest a Cannabis Plant

Read Description for more!* One sentence summary of this video: Harvest when you see a lot of brown on your plant where you used to see just white…and don’t …


  1. WOW! 370K views! Never thought this simple episode would garner so much…This is a 2013 episode I re-released in 2015. And I ended up making a version of this clip where i DO show a pic of the trichomes: https://vimeo.com/267173984 ….but before you check it out, don't forget to subscribe here!

  2. So you know
    I use the camera on my phone to zoom in on the trichomes and I can say them very good I can take a picture of them I look at them lighter and watch the stages also sell my phone does better than a magnifying glass I tried a magnifying glass and then I got a good idea use my phone to zoom in and take pictures and that way I can watch the progress

  3. Great vid , thanks for explaining visuals and microscope thats what i wanted to know even though i have a wireless microscope i still wanted to have a better idea of what im looking for , my first year growing and i did mine outdoors and just watered and let grow to see how tall they can get and lets just say ive been gaurding my yard because my nieghbours can see my plants and my top buds are over 12 inches long lol 6 to 7 foot tall plants might not be a great idea ha ha see what happens when you smoke the funny stuff

  4. Million dollar question? When using soil as your medium, and using liquid nutrients, i know u need to flush for 10 to 14days of ph'd water before the darkness for 48. But is it once u see a couple of amber tricomes, or is that to late. Thanks for the help. Michigan grower..

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