When to harvest marijuana buds? THC DEGRADES INTO CBN over time, read description for clarification

Right time to harvest your medicine? up to you, (LINK FOR SCOPEs BELOW) I usually wait until I see 5-10% amber trichomes to ensure that they have fully …


  1. I bought a jewelers loupe the other day for 10 bucks and it works amazing. I got about 2 weeks left I'd say before I'm ready to harvest. Gorilla Bomb and A Mystery Seed, both hefty happy females! Got a shitty vid on my channel,but my phone sucks. Ur buds look amazing, great work!!

  2. Beautiful Bud! I have looked at a few videos trying to find out information on when to harvest. There are a lot of "experts" out there with wonderful introductions to their videos that go on and on for as long as a half hour and they never get to the actual point. They seem to be more interested in being movie stars than offering solid information. You were able to offer extensive information without saying a word. They say a picture says a thousand words. Your video was the best one I found. Thank you for posting. Now I know when to harvest!

  3. I believe @ 2:04 you said CBD but I actually think you meant to say CBN, because when the trychomes turn amber thc is degraded and turns into CBN that gives you the couchlock full body high.

  4. Guys help ! i have experimental outdoor pot plant that i planted in April.i didnt have time to water it properly so she is behind.she still have white tricomes and looks like it will never get milky and darker !! its late October and temp is going under 15c !! maybe because cold weather she cant finish ? what do you suggest i do ? put her inside the house close to window and wait ?

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