When To Harvest your Cannabis

Learn the signs of maturity from your Cannabis plant Peace Love and good health to everyone in these difficult times …


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  2. Also believe I trimmed too much water leaves thru cycles because I noticed some of the stems are needed to grow the extended branches which believe it works on thickness of Colas for mine is only 2 inches wide.

  3. 5th week going into 6th week flower stage. Right now the pistils off tricombs is at 80% white to 20% red or ripe dark pistils. Do I have to get to 80% dark pistils to 20% white? I dont have a super micro scope and my plant is looking really ready but not sure. Another sign Im asking about is the base of stem s color of Vegative green to wooden brown. Do I have to watch for this too, for my base is changing the color from green to that light wood color.

  4. Good Job ! Nice Video Family, Them Buds are Big would love to know the Final Weight !! lol That tip we have been talking about to you the Cloth is called Acylic Felt comes in a roll by the yard. can get in your Fabric store or on Amazon.. $24. Get it lol add it to your Arsenal… Need the right info to send you somethings i would like to send up to ya.. Have some info but was trying to make sure that its right. ok Family Nice seeing you Both ! Tell Dad his long lost family down in the US is keeping him in our Prayers !!

  5. Awesome video guys. I have always used a viewing scope and now have a pretty awesome endoscope to get in and view the trichomes for peek maturity. Alot of strains need longer than the recommended time. We recently let our Huckleberry Soda Purple go for 10 weeks as opposed to 8. Man what a difference. Cheers!

  6. I've always just looked at the tricombs and harvest when I see 20-30% of amber tricombs. That is how every grower I know plans their harvest. Get a jewelry style magnifiglass. They make great ones for cannabis.

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