When You Use CBD Every Day, This Is What Happens To Your Body

If you use CBD every day, you’ll definitely see some changes, but they may not be exactly what you’d expect. Yes, CBD is responsible for a few health benefits, …


  1. The newest family of cbd is a 100% water compatible cbd liquid. One company has the proprietary processing system that makes this cbd liquid possible and it's at least 10X more potent so you only use 2 drops instead of the 1 or more droppers full that most cbd companies suggest (this just makes sure you order more of it) hit me up if you want more info 🙂

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  3. CBD is BIG PHARMA propaganda to divide the community that has been fighting for the whole plant. CBD was always BIG PHARMA's evil PR plan. All over the world they made these "medical cannabis" laws so that they could make CBD in order to give to the people a fraction of the cannabis plant. Now with the help of some gold diggers that made CBD oils and profited from the cannabis plant, their plan is to keep Epidiolex and a few others on the market and complete CBD studies that will prove that cannabis has no medicinal benefits. Using long term CBD can be harmful to the body. Checkout the studies that were conducted on CBD. CBD is a SCAM and a lot of people felt into that. Humanity needs THE COMPLETE PLANT with THCv, THCa, etc. all the compounds, those are needed for our endocannabinoid system, not just CBD.

  4. CBD is really amazing but for anxiety, energy, pain management and stress kratom is even better!
    I have tried every kind of kratom here in Indonesia and there is no question about it that the original wildly grown one is every way better than those farmed one´s and basically every kratom in the market is farmed one. Here is one local project called Borneo Energy that is sourcing only this wild grown kratom (and Tongkat Ali). It makes more work compared to harvesting it from the farms but this is more nature-friendly, because kratom farming is destroying some areas from the important rainforests. So with all reasons I recommend this one, can find it from borneo.energy

  5. I tried CBD for my anxiety and it didn't really do anything. Idk if the dose was too low or if my body is just messed up because even with prescription medication I had to go through a handful to find one that would actually work for my body.

  6. I dose 1 mg dropper full of CBD sublingually twice. I am prescription drug free and pain-free. But if you do not take your oil regularly the pain comes back and it takes a few days to relieve pain again.

  7. I've never used CBD but I live in Washington State where marijuana is legal, thus, they sell CBD right in grocery stores 😂🙌 literally right in Walmart and Safeway

  8. marijuana ÷ 2 = Cannabis (rec+med+THC ) // Or Hemp (industrial, construction, textile, pharmaceutical, and power source. also help cleans the air far more than trees do and they make 4x the paper per acre.

  9. CBD Marijuana doesn't get you high.
    I think it's funny how they always isolate Cannabis Sativa as if cannabis indica and runderalis strains don't exist. hemp and marijuana are genetically molecularly the same plant. The difference between hemp and marijuana is marijuana is the use and growth of the plant for rec or med uses that are psychoactive. Hemp is Marijuana that has been grown in such a way and with the correct strains the end product is specified for industrial uses aka manufacturing paper, help create, textiles, and with the dicordiacator which was invented in the early 1900s thousands of products can be made and derived from hemp.

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