Where Did Marijuana Come From, And How Did It Spread?

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  1. Look at cannabis like our dogs, but on much more complex and dynamic way, just watch the happening to c how clever plant dna is and how evolution doesn't need eyes to see what a organisum needs it just provides by mutation as wee call it although I dnt realy belive this I think evolution has a drive of its own and mutations is just evolution probing metaphorically speaking,
    😂 I could go for hours on this but just think about plants in a different light and see that if they make a thorn for a pest, it must make treat for those who benefits it like fruit on a plant is a gift so u spread its seed, nector is the same to a bee 🐝, etc etc plant provide for animals that help its future they are the true intteligents as they made us all rely on them there for ensuring there own future, as David attenborough would say evolution is a path of chance mutation and natrual selection well there's also the fact of reason and oftern there seems to be a reason for adaptation and I belive cannabis is humans best friend, and it knows what it's doing, a plant that's speaks to us in its own way if u listen 👂when I smoke it's as thow a messege has been sent to me like it's trying to please me, but think about people who find inspiration from no were when they smoke this plant, is the plant able to see what we can not does haveing a brain that thinks could be what's stops us seeing what is there like a dimensional void we can not see now we're contious, when we smoke maby the plant is trying to give us a glimpse of how it perceives the world,we have e no way of knowing of its that complex but to think in this way makes other things seem the most likely, and other places plants and animals all give is clues of why what and when does it knot just have to see the links between things

  2. From what I've heard in history people didn't live that long especially in Egypt. And the oldest the average person would live would be into their 20s or 30s if they were lucky. That being said, imagine a society full of teenagers that discovered weed. Do you really think that they didn't blaze up at least once?😂

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  4. Marijuana shrooms all natural plants in my opinion or way safer than these over-the-counter and prescription drugs sure they got some natural stuff in them but my lot of synthetic just like the modern-day cigarette got over 7 million different chemicals in them

  5. Going back to about 300-400 years, hemp/marijuana was taken around the world during slavery from India. Indian slaves took marijuana when they were taken from India also in the Hindu religion they use marijuana before praying to a god called lord shiva. Look it up guys I was amazed when I started digging into Indian religions.
    You can technically say it’s from India because it was mentioned in ancient Sanskrit about the use of marijuana and as we all know Hinduism is the oldest religion.

  6. The bit about smoking hemp and it giving you a headache is wrong; that occurs when you smoke the stems or seeds or either THC-containing and non-THC-containing cannabis plants. I've smoked hemp plenty of times and have felt a very relaxing effect.

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