Why is CBD Oil so Expensive?

I’m sure this question has crossed you mind while scrolling through endless companies on google for ‘Best CBD Oil.’ This was something I wondered and didn’t …


  1. Cbd flower is the same price as Thc flower at the dispensary. Why on gods earth would i pay $35.00 for 3.5g of Cbd. And $50.00 for 3.5 of Thc. Its a ripoff. Support you local weedman

  2. Just watched this video. From my comment on that last video, I see why you made this vid. I appreciate the break down. For the person spending 180.00 a month on cbd. They miss out on 40.00 of food or gas for their car because they want to feel normal. You choosing how to process the cbd is your choice. Same with extraction. Then with an abundance of it, you have an unlimited supply depending on how much land you're able to acquire. People who need this medicine, need it because they don't have a yard, or maybe they don't have the knowledge to grow and process. You can be like the big pharmaceutical companies or you can have integrity. Only time will tell what happens. The world took a twist on us and things are changing everyday. 40$ 8ths might be low if the dollar isn't worth anything in a few months. Appreciate the video. I can tell my comment made you think.

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