Why Marijuana Gives You The Munchies

Marijuana can have various effects on your body. But what is it about weed that makes you so hungry? Business Insider tells you all you need to know about …


  1. I got it soo bad yesterday 😫 I went through a box of jalapeño poppers, quorn nuggets, raspberries, black berries, pea chips, hidden valley wafers, and sour patches. What is mah life

  2. Is there a specific component that varies from strain to strain? I smoked something called Blue Lemon Thai, and it gave me the most intense Munchies ever.

    I eat before I smoke and for the most part have munchies under control. Enjoy the high and all that jazz. But this Blue Lemon Thai…..holy shit. I couldn't stop eating…and speaking of holy shits. It was solid and not holey shit.

    Just curious if there is some other chemical or something, that is found in varying quantities, that directly relate to out brains releasing more endorphins than say cheaper weed.

  3. I always used to say this… you know how THC mimics anandamide? Which means anandamide is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in everyone that fluctuates and activates receptors to feel soothing relaxation. Also how opiates and heroin (nicotine works similarly too) mimic endogenous peptides knows as endorphins, which cause pleasure from exercising, slow pain when you break your arm, make eating spicy foods feel pleasurable, enjoying the sunshine or sex, or good food.
    Well, then there’s people, like stereotypical Cops in Texas, the Midwest , and the South, who are extremely opinionated against marijuana as if they are helping the world by arresting an innocent kid with a gram bag. The person who says “Mommy and Daddy told me the kids doing DRUGS with their water-bongs are on the wrong track to FAILURE and LAZINESS! They don’t care about anything but their dope! Their ENSLAVED to the devils lettuce.🥬 What a shame that they don’t have the moral compass to just say no! These people who clearly were influenced by insane propaganda like Reefer Madness, or D.A.R.E , act like drug users automatically are sketchy and immoral.
    I feel like telling them, “Dude FYI you’re brain literally right now has chemicals that are activating Cannabinoid and Opioid receptors. The same way that the devils dandruff and lettuce do! You’re fucked man! You should probably go kill yourself! It would purify your soul since your brain is under the influence of CHEMICALS that flood your brain with dopamine.
    And don’t get me started on DMT, and serotonegic endogenous peptides that mimic classic psycadelics! You might as well be arrested on the spot you and your brain filled with garbage molecules!

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