Why, When, & How to Flush Cannabis Plants

Learn how to flush Cannabis plants for harvest or to correct a nutrient-related issue the right way. Like we mention in the video, if you’re growing in a super soil …


  1. YO GUYS GET U BOTH. NICE EASY DETAILED, VARIED INFO👊🏾👍🏾💪🏾Watched many pilgrims showing off their not so good crops n TALKIN shite

  2. Help me guys.
    First grow.
    Don’t know wtf I’m doing. Flying by the seat of my pants;)

    Remo nutrients.
    But omfg I waited to check the trichomes too long. They’re almost 50% amber. Fed them yesterday.

    Start flush now and just pray? Or cut it to dry and hope for the best?

  3. I feed til 7-10 days before harvest then I just drench it in purified water that’s no more than 10 ppm. I’ll get the 5 gallon jugs and fill em at one of those water stores for 3 bucks. Purified water that has no minerals in it will always latch on to minerals in the medium. That’s why it’s unsafe for humans to drink pure water you’re basically flushing the important minerals from your body. I usually go for about 3 times the amount of gallons of water than that of the pot size. So If I have a 5 gallon pot I flush about 15-20 gallons through it or until the runoff reads under 100 ppm. After that I let it rock til it dries out. And then cut the light for a day or 2. Cut hang n cure. White ash every time.

  4. I've been flushing with PH balanced water (no nutes) every 6th feeding. I grow in Nectar for the Gods #4 soil. In other words I give nutes 5 times then flush, then give nutes 5 times, then flush again all throughout my 63 day flower cycle. So basically I'm flushing every 12 days. You guys cool with that? Thanks!

  5. The way I see it, flushing is using up the nutrients stored, which means not wasting your feed up to that point. Ppl talk about smoothness but the buds is still green, so nutrients still in there lol

  6. If you weren't so high this video could be way shorter. Your talking was so slow I had to quicken the playback speed haha. But I do think you know what you're talking about so thanks

  7. I'm using coco-loco for my medium and a little Cal-mag +, please tell me about how to go about leeching at near the end of flowering since it's amended or will I need to.

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