Wild Willies Superhot 7 Pot Brain Strain Sauce – Slosh's Sauces #42

Slosh & Calais are back to review Wild Willies Superhot 7 Pot Brain Strain sauce … with a challenge from Wild Willie himself to do a shot of it for the review … we …


  1. I guess I didn't comment on this when I watched it, Haha. Well done guys! That's a killer hot sauce.  I can't believe you did that shot =)  Thanks for the shoutout by the way!  As you know I tried it today and it was brutal.  The throat burn wasn't bad at all, but the my stomach hated me!  Intense gut pain.  I think this kind of sauce it best mixed in a large batch of food.  The flavor was mostly pepper which tells me it was… well, mostly pepper, haha.  Great video guys

  2. haha…get into it!! 😉 Great vid! Love the music too. think I need to try and get some of this over to NZ and do the challenge. 😀

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