Will Biden Legalize Marijuana?

Will Biden legalize marijuana? What does the marijuana legalization timeline look like? John Iadarola and Anthony Fisher break it down on The Damage Report …


  1. Joe says it's a gateway drug, and will remain illegal, I mean he did write the bill that locks people up for cannabis, so what did you expect. He wants to switch it to a schdule 2 drug and have the FDA highly regulate it (just like other schdule 2 drugs) effectively shutting down the recreational market, and making it so big pharmaceutical companies would produce and profit from it, since you would need an Rx from a doctor, and have to get it at a pharmacy.

  2. If you think about if the us federally makes marijuana legal they would some what stop a small portion of money going into cartels pockets it will go into the governments pocket and it will all go back to the people it would open up lots of job opportunities and bring in lots of money for our country it’s a smart move to do

  3. KFC Tennessee lawmakers have passed laws in order to ensure prohibition until it is legalized federally. If they leave it to the states we will still have these lawmakers keeping it illegal in some states that prefer private prisons. It all depends on how this is handled for else we will have some really shitty laws still in effect.

  4. biden has nothing to do with pot. he is not the president. not yet at least. no we are all losers, we now have a hooker as vice president and a senile old fart that no one thinks will live four more years. the government makes too much money from the illegal drugs and cops are the same how do you think they get all that fancy stuff.

  5. Private companies and employers tell us to wear a mask which is fine but more stressful because of the breathing issues, but turn around and still think they're god and anyone who smokes weed shouldn't be able to support themselves or their family. FUCK THE 1% AND ANYONE WHO DARE DEFEND THEM!

  6. Go ahead keep screwing around with this subject. The pot smokers will just keep buying it illegal. God dam, I would just be saving 5.00 a gram if its legal. I like 4 grams of OG so i'd be saving a measly $20.00 I dont really care, Ill just keep getting my weed the old fashioned way. The government will never be able to win. Theres too many of us. In the mean time have fun taking care of all the inmates in jail Who otherwise are good hard working people. hahaha You have to feed them, House them and give them medical care, hire staff to guard them. And employ police to lock them up. Not too mention there is going to be thousands and thousands of unemployed people walking around applying for welfare. because they have a criminal record. Dear Uncle Sam, Good luck with all that. This comment is the reality of the weed subject……………………………….. I mean God dam WTF???
    Look guys, Theres more weed smokers then Government workers. If we Unite we can beat them. Also don't buy CBT weed its a waste of money, It doesn't get you high at all. DON'T!!!!!!!! ever give in fight until death.

  7. It's a shame we're even talking about this, 10 yrs after Colorado made recreational marijuana legal, the hypocracy has killed our rights for too long, and everyone knows it 👍❤️🐯

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