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  1. It's easy in maryland to get mmcc, but twice as easy to lose you apartment, get convicted in secret or live, and mabe even shot buy police for medical possession in Maryland under racist Gov Larry Hogan (r)

  2. Charlotte, who lived in Colorado Springs, died Tuesday after suffering a seizure that resulted in cardiac arrest and respiratory failure, her mother, Paige Figi, said in a statement.Apr 9, 2020

  3. No biden won't. They just fired five aides for smoking pot. He had no plan of raising the minimum wage. He was stringing you along. They can bypass the parliamentarian too but they didn't.

  4. Also the cops that give tickets and arrest for weed I LOVE their logic

    "its illegal so I have to do it"

    Thats what the nazis also said when hitler told them to kill the jews. Guess that logic doesn't work very well.

  5. This is all so silly everybody knows someone with a medical card just make it legal for fucks sake. Nobody should have to pay to get any kind of license anyway, maybe the shipping fee but that's it, it's a free country if you have enough money lol.

  6. With it decriminalized people can still be fired from their job and it legally prohibits users from owning firearms. It's definitely a step in the right direction but without full legalization the consequences of custody and firearm cases will still view use the same.

  7. I was going to get my medical card until I did more research and learned I wouldn’t be allowed to own a gun with a card. Would much rather buy weed from my plug and buy legal firearms than the other way around.

  8. Love the fact that I can loose my job for something I did 30 days ago. Something I paid taxes for and did in private smh. Let's all go get drunk and smoke cigarettes that's the better choice

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