Will Washington State Legalize Home Grow in 2021?

Or will those that hate the plant and the people that use it prevail like years past? Source: …

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  1. Washington wont change…….
    If they let medical and non medical grow, that is profits Washington doesn't want to let go…
    I use to spend 300 a month on recreational cannabis in between grows..Washington wont let that profit go..7 yrs later now..not hard to figure out that Washington is a gready state…the 30 dollar tabs on car prove that.if u know about Washington….
    We are talking about a billion dollars Washington would miss out on..
    Plus the liquor board wouldn't have anything to do if common folks can grow….the liquor boars is just like cartels of mexico… a neighbor can say they smell cannabis..the liquor board will come to your door…states are no different then drug dealers. States just use swatt teams to protect their funds..

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