Will Your Disability Case be Denied Because You Use Medical Marijuana

How will your Social Security disability judge react to medical evidence showing that you use medical marijuana? As I discuss in this video, there is a disconnect …


  1. FYI Using medical marijuana whether prescribed or not is grounds for revoking your CCW permit. CCW = carry concealed weapon, ie pistol permit.

  2. What worries me is when the corona thing hit here being Texarkana TX I canceled some very important doctor apts for fear catching it. If my disability review was to start up I would be in a odd situation. No Idea what i would tell the people that do the reviews.

  3. Mr. Ginsberg, thank you so much for your videos. I've watched for the last year and used the information within to successfully win SSDI the first time with no lawyers at all. I used the grid rules as you suggested and had plenty of documentation on my COPD and lower back issues with an MRI. Your video's lead me on the right path. I would encourage everyone to watch all your videos and study, study, study. It only took me 6 months from application to 1st check and that check came with 8 months of back pay as well. Thanks again.

  4. Mr, Ginsberg, I just wanted to THANKS YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND ADVICE. I was approved for SSDI last month on my initial application.( second try)I started over in January this year without an attorney after going all the way through the appeals council last year. If it wasn't for all your videos and information. I got FCRs from my 3 different specialist and along with being out of work finally for a year, turning 55 later this year. AND BEING 100% A DISABLED VETERAN WITH HOUSEBOUND STATUS. I was able to prove my case…. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU…

  5. Blessings πŸ™ Jonathan! I won my SSI case a few months ago, thanks to your videos. The best way I saw how the process works is like a accounting/ Scales of Justice. I was able to focus on the essential points of my case, and working with my lawyer. Yes, can't stess the need for one! πŸ™. I can honestly say that SSI/ SSDI lawyers deserve every penny for the valuable service that they provide!πŸ™. Even though I won, I will still be watching your videos, in case I may be able to help direct someone in need. Blessings πŸ™ Again πŸ™πŸ‘β€οΈπŸΊ

  6. When I was approved for SSDI on my approval letter it stated I get a review in 3 years which will be this August. If they were going to review my case should I’ve had heard from them already? My doctors have not been contacted either.

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