YELLOWING CANNABIS LEAVES? One of These Things is Causing It!

Yellowing leaves on plants is a stressful thing to see, but can be even more stressful for Cannabis plants themselves. Here are the top reasons why a plant is …


  1. Do you guys have a forum or something I could send plant pics? I am a noob and struggling with yellowing leaves on the bottom, been in veg for 3 months. I don’t want to give up yet 🥲

  2. im growingin 50/50 coco and soil. i keep a PH of 6.5. i have browing and yellowing all around. my run off water is testing at 5.4, what do i do to correct this? also ppm? appreciate you all!

  3. Growing ones own really helps you appreciate just how much effort, experience, and care has been put into growing Cannabis. Love it💚 Stay Frosty✌️🇨🇦

  4. I’m growing a tangie gorilla glue mix and I’m constantly having issues with yellowing. It seems to be very sensitive to nutrients. I’m using Reno’s advanced line and I’m finding it to be very concentrated so I’ve dialed back on the recommended amount they say to use and it’s helping a bit. What is you take on using co2 bags for your garden?

  5. I am using a just add water soil. I am at a 6.4ph been growing now for 3 weeks. Had a few yellow leaves this morning. Not over watering lights are not to close. Any suggestions? Temp 74* humidity is 44%

  6. Guessing before even watching the video most of the reasons are going to be over or under watering, then not enough MAG lastly people not knowing the plant is in its natural state of dyeing off at the end of flower.

  7. Good info. Just dealt with yellow leaves due to nute lockout in week 4 of flower, she was looking pretty rough but has bounced back after a 12L flush. Now in week 7 and looking good. Flush for the win!

  8. Ph is a pain in the ass
    My tapwater is sliggtly alkaline and my soil is acidic
    My mediam is spent mushroom medium that i just added perlite to
    I have faith that the soil still has plenty nutes but i did supplement it occasionally (once every 2 weeks) with a fish emulsion(both as soil drench/foliar spray)
    My grow is outdoors and weve just passed summer solstice

  9. Guys I have a question for what I did this grow, I’m so close to harvest and fed with nectar for the gods Greek regimen in straight coco with 15% perlite mixed in. I ph’d my feeds going in and I haven’t had to flush the whole way. I have yellowing leaves around the top colas of amnesia haze xxl auto … do you think it would be cuz of the light too close or potassium def?

  10. I have some that are 6 weeks old from seed and Im noticing yellow asf leaves at the bottom..and they come off easily. I been feeding 500-700ppm lotus grow…I recently transplanted from solo cups to some royal gold coco in a 1 gallon…should I raise my ppms…my start ppms is 240 😪…thanks in advance gromies👊

  11. So, I try to be science minded about things and I can't seem to make sense of my 70/30 coco coir/pearlite runoff ph. I keep hearing dont test with no science behind why not to. Maybe I am a control freak that needs to switch to dwc, cause when my runoff is almost 7 I logically want to feed in 5.5 so there might be a different ph for different parts of the root zone so all nutrients are absorbed eventually on their way down. Or maybe that is a good idea with dtw coco?

    The one plant I tried to flush the runoff down to less than 6 in late veg is the only plant with popcorn buds rather than colas.. and I know there is a guy who runs a recirculating coco setup instead of dtw and able to pull decent yields.

    Is the cation exchange buffer also a ph buffer? Are my roots rotting or are spring tails effecting the ph of the runoff? Am I just supposed to accept that that the runoff number with coco dtw magicly means nothing amd i am just an asshole for trying to understand every part of my growing medium and its biome and exchanges with the plants root zone as well as its own reactions? Should I get off youtube and do my chores?

    I just want to understand coco better

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