Your Brain On Edible Marijuana

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  1. So I never smoked before but decided to try two edibles because one didn’t do anything for me. Bro, when I tell y’all I felt like I was being possessed, I mean it. I had no control of my body and only thing I could do was blink. Felt like I just went through a black hole. I was freaked out so bad and started throwing up, my neighbor called the ambulance. I really went to the hospital because I was TOO HIGH. I most definitely couldn’t hang lol

  2. Last time I had a “bad” edible I remember the room constantly spinning so I tried to go to sleep but my dreams started messing with reality and I couldn’t tell if I was real or not lmaoo

  3. The stages of my high are always as follows:
    1. The waves
    This phase is called the waves do the effects coming in waves, and the effects make you feel like you’re lagging. When you get up too fast, all of a sudden, you feel as if you’re lagging behind yourself. This phase lasts for about 15 minutes.
    2. The Blush
    This phase makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Your face heats up, and you feel like you’re wrapped in a warm hug. This gives a very serene and calming feeling.
    3. The Buzz
    The buzz is the main phase of the high. You feel this constant buzz or hum throughout your whole body, much like a cat purring. This makes you feel everything in your body at once. For example, if you shake your right hand, the feeling travels from your hand, to your arm, then the rest of your body. This also applies to other senses. Your vision becomes blurry, your hearing is heightened, and everything tastes amazing while high. Just make sure to drink some water!
    My recommendations for music while high is:
    – Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
    – Who is Tyler Durden? by The Dust Brothers
    – No Pressure by Cirrus
    – Moments in Love by Art of Noise
    – The Less I Know the Better by Tame Impala
    – Day n’ Nite by Kid Cudi
    – Rhinestone Eyes by Gorillaz
    That’s all for now! Hope this was a good insight!

  4. 2:00 "You can end up a lot higher than you intended to."
    I don't think that's quite right, you can control how high you will be, it just takes testing. There are different factors. How does your body handle this much Thc? did you eat recently? Have you been getting high recently? Are you taking the same product each time? All these things can be tested and accounted for once you've tried it a few times and they're pretty predictable. For instance, taking 20mg at once will give a stronger initial high while taking 2 doses of 10mg will make the high last longer.

  5. I know it's true, but why does excessive heat turn anything at all, natural or not, extremely carcinogenic? Like why does everything have the underlying chemical possibility to become something very harmful to us, on a cellular level? It's fascinating.

  6. I’ve been kinda wanting to try edibles but I’m not 100% sure if I should or want to. I think I will eventually just for the hell of it. But I wanna make sure I’m in a good head space/ environment for it

  7. I always see online that doctors are like “it’s not safer because you could take too much” but fewer carcinogens and less irritants in my lungs sounds great.

  8. Going to need to redo this video with the new technologies coming to the market from Sproutly and Lexaria. it will not break down through the stomach/liver as these oils do.

  9. I started edibles on December and damn they fire but I got my cousin high off an edible for da first time last week and bro we were chilling right we ate 2 m&ms each and ate them like at 12 pm they hit us like at almost 2 am and my cousin got high before but from smoking and he was so giggly he was laughing at shit dat didn’t happen he said I flipped him off so he smacked my foot hard af 😂🤦‍♂️ he was so baked bro he was laughing at nothing and we were also watching National Geographic 😂 all amazed and shit and then my parents walked in and we pretended to be asleep and we got away wit it but this mf was fake snoring so loud bro idk how they believed it 😂 and my parents didn’t know how to turn my tv off so my dad “woke” me up to turn it off and dat was when we were already baked but we were on da stage where it’s hitting u hard and I was trying so hard not to laugh 😂

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  11. I made a batch of super powerful cookies I ate one and got the munchies so bad I ate everything in the house until I found these cookies 😂 yep I ate them and the next day my mate told me the story about how he was at the supermarket and there I was standing in the milk aisle looking at the lights he had to take me home. Great night but I forgot a lot of it. My wife ate one and said that the one was awesome 😆 so I was pissed off the next day that I’d eaten them all.

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